In an effort to satisfy the evolving goals of the hiring process, video interviewing software has fast become one of the expanding technologies in corporate sectors. To support your virtual-first workforce, many HR operations—including scheduling tools, applicant tracking systems, and video interviewing platforms—are automated. Whether you work in an office, from home, or a combination of the two, you've definitely looked at some of these software developments.

Finding software like that best meets your needs can feel a little overwhelming with all the new technologies available. But as video interviewing's advantages grow in popularity, it's important to know what you want in a provider before you start researching. We're focusing on the top five criteria to aid you with your search.

1. User encounter

Video interview software like Ducknowl should be approachable, trustworthy, and simple to use first and foremost. Keep in mind that the people who will use this program the most are your hiring managers and the candidates. Make sure to prioritize all user experiences because they will directly impact team buy-in and the candidate experience. Pay close attention to how the platform creates a fantastic prospect experience. Is the applicant experience a high focus for this service, should you wonder? Any action that can harm a potential employee's perception of you and your brand could cost you a good hire. It's also essential to your choice that your HR team and hiring managers feel at ease utilizing the technology. Team members will be more comfortable and enthusiastic about utilizing new software if it has a straightforward, user-friendly interface.

2. The platform's capabilities

Your video interviewing software's features should expand and change along with your HR requirements. Examine the platform's functionality with a critical eye. Are they still developing technology to satisfy customer needs? Which actions have been taken to build and enhance the software? You may better reap the rewards of video interviews by tailoring your interview process to your own needs. A platform that is still flexible will support your HR staff as they expand and help your business succeed long into the future. Innovation and modernization are key components of adopting new technology, so be sure the platform you choose is just as committed to improving its operations as you are.

3. Integrations with the ATS You Already Have

Video interviews are a small component of your overall employment and HR procedure. Your overall efficiency depends on choosing a platform that interfaces with your applicant tracking system. A procedure is generally more efficient when all of your tools can be used together.

Examine the applicant tracking systems that the platform already integrates with in detail. Let's say your ATS isn't on that list. Find out whether there are any future integration plans. Are partial integrations offered by them? Your chosen platform should serve as a one-stop shop for all of your hiring requirements. While some businesses are OK with a solo video interview platform, connecting it with your applicant tracking system (ATS) creates a smoother, more organized hiring process.

4. 24*7 support and training

Your training and onboarding procedures are the foundation for your success with a video interview platform. You'll probably be rolling out a new endeavor to your team and the rest of the company called video interviews. A strong support team is necessary for a seamless implementation. Look into how comprehensive their training is. Do they offer support around the clock? How long does it typically take to get the platform up and running? Here is where you should begin reading customer endorsements and reviews. You will have a clearer understanding of what to anticipate from the customer success team after reading them. The only way to succeed with video interviews is through proper training, therefore it's critical that you have faith in the support group you pick.

5. Pricing

One final consideration when selecting your video interviewing service provider is the pricing. Make sure to find out exactly what is included in the price. For a better understanding of what constitutes a reasonable price, compare packages across platforms. How does the software package stack up against your spending plan? Exist additional setup costs? Are you prepared to shell out more cash for a specific feature? It will take some research to locate a cost-effective solution, but it's crucial to select a service that meets your demands and your budget. With so many options for video interviewing services, you're sure to pick the best one if you ask the proper questions and do your homework. Keep in mind these elements.

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